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The sky shouted and cried today
Feels like it was warning me
We’re wasting our life away
By steering this crashing machine.
There’s something outside of us that needs to be realized
if we want to save this culture from turning into a chaotic haze
There’s no commitment in manipulated speech.
Don’t believe the master’s forked tongue.
Think for yourself.
The sky shouted and cried today
feels like it was warning me
we’re wasting our life away
by riding in a crashing machine.
Man was not created to rule nature
We’re just little pieces in one bigger picture
Self awareness needs direct action,
Self-imposed reason and self-imposed judgment
Fill the gaps with mutual compassion

We don’t need to be subdued
Let’s speak up for those who have been muted
Can’t we give…
Can’t we do...
just a little more hands-down and less nonsense?


from Hinterland, released July 15, 2011



all rights reserved


Sailing On Karlsruhe, Germany

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