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How thin is the line between life and death
When there are worlds between the living and the dead
Where’s the point in breathing?
I exhale death with every breath…
It’s a pointless situation
That lead me to this final wish
The life I once loved lies in the past.
Age has caught me with its claws.

It feels like time ran out before my lungs gave up
My head is tired, long passed the signs of hope
Future saved no seat for me.
Just let me go.
Once we thought we had too much time
This is not our end, but it is mine.
You know I would never give up easily.
The future we once had now is a memory
The world we live in is no place for me
Traces of my life dissolve in the cold spring air
One last thoughts on my mind before peace will know my name:
We always wanted to be free


from Hinterland, released July 15, 2011



all rights reserved


Sailing On Karlsruhe, Germany

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