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Sailing On Karlsruhe, Germany

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Track Name: Aokigahara

How thin is the line between life and death
When there are worlds between the living and the dead
Where’s the point in breathing?
I exhale death with every breath…
It’s a pointless situation
That lead me to this final wish
The life I once loved lies in the past.
Age has caught me with its claws.

It feels like time ran out before my lungs gave up
My head is tired, long passed the signs of hope
Future saved no seat for me.
Just let me go.
Once we thought we had too much time
This is not our end, but it is mine.
You know I would never give up easily.
The future we once had now is a memory
The world we live in is no place for me
Traces of my life dissolve in the cold spring air
One last thoughts on my mind before peace will know my name:
We always wanted to be free
Track Name: Distance / Dimension
We were all born equal
Equally arrived in this world.
Destination was unknown,
But only in the eyes of a child.
Weaned from our nature
to learn a set of rules.
Sit down, shut up and listen.
Do what you’re told.
We teach our youngest that we are all born equal
But we are separated by a thousand invisible lines
their numbers grow.

Who wrote the rules to follow?
Who marked the borders on the ground?
Are we defined by our gender, nation, class our colour?
Our lack of education or the money in our wallet?
This man-made splendid isolation brought us an unspoken segregation.
Take a pill when you feel sick!
Call the cops when you’re scared!
And the Leviathan is smiling but he has got no spine.
Overloaded by information this generation is still left in the dark.
Track Name: Witch
Human beings manage to fail what nature does so naturally
without effort and mostly without fail.*
We don’t know who were are
we’re always looking for scapegoats
and in them hellish flames we burnt the witch
Depending on things we created
rely on machines to communicate but they keep us disconnected
helpless creatures.
Track Name: Ishmael
The sky shouted and cried today
Feels like it was warning me
We’re wasting our life away
By steering this crashing machine.
There’s something outside of us that needs to be realized
if we want to save this culture from turning into a chaotic haze
There’s no commitment in manipulated speech.
Don’t believe the master’s forked tongue.
Think for yourself.
The sky shouted and cried today
feels like it was warning me
we’re wasting our life away
by riding in a crashing machine.
Man was not created to rule nature
We’re just little pieces in one bigger picture
Self awareness needs direct action,
Self-imposed reason and self-imposed judgment
Fill the gaps with mutual compassion

We don’t need to be subdued
Let’s speak up for those who have been muted
Can’t we give…
Can’t we do...
just a little more hands-down and less nonsense?
Track Name: Incisivus
Bloodthirsty rotten fangs
Tiptoe around cadavers’ heads
The monsters are awake
Up to split-up the innocent.

Tired eyes are glued to flickering lights.
Jaded minds trapped in the past.

Are you the victim or are you the one
Who sits comfortably at home
When another bomb
Goes off. When will it be enough?

Muted mouths - by food unfit to eat.
Numb hands that always forget.
“A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.
Numbers will always outbid spoken words
Hearts sigh so heavy, kings cave in under their crown.
The impostum is about to burst.

Attracted by light like blindfolded flies
How much does it take to see?
The monsters are we.
Track Name: Amoeba
The worst mistake I could have made was to find comfort in the pain…
Lay on the bottom of the ocean
Far offshore.
Like waves on troubled waters
Crashed down the tragedies
Rocks and storm made me numb.
Nothing could ever reach me
I think I’ve lost myself.
Expectations were set too high.
The stake was set too high.
Facing too many problems.
Overpowered by too many burdens.
It’s a hard task to grow
When shoulder crippling weight keeps you small.

My blessing and my curse have always been the same.
Always the same.
My Genotype is just a ticking time bomb
It runs in my families blood
(Words like) knifes from my parents’ tongue.

I’m sick of taking the blame
For things that I can’t change
I need to lift the weight
To emerge.

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